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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

As people age, their memory may start to change. Some individuals recognize these changes in themselves before anyone else does; however for others, family and friends are the first to take notice of modifications in behavior or abilities. Memory loss that affects daily life is not a typical component of aging– any individual exhibiting one […]

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Be physically active Engaging in physical activity not only provides a wealth of health benefits, but even as we age, doing so can lengthen our life expectancy and the number of years spent living free from disease or disability. Regular physical activity can be incredibly beneficial for your health and wellbeing. It may help you […]

The Truth about Ageing and Dementia

As we age, our bodies and minds inevitably change. Dementia is one such change that can affect the elderly, making it difficult for them to think clearly and remember things. Dementia is a condition that relates to a decline in cognitive function severe enough to impact daily life. It’s not part of normal ageing, but […]